DWB secure erasure process

End-to-end secure erasure process


What if a data erasure software can not run on a laptop because of a physical damage? What if data is disclosed during transport to a data disposal LAB? How can you deal with legal enquiry to demonstrate software erasure was run successfully?

Look at DWB end-to-end secure data process integration.



  • The importance of a certified process


    To our experience, about 20% of products cannot be securely erased using erasure software. The 80% needs a certificate data wipe was completed in a proper way.


    Only an end-to-end certified erasure process can sum 100% security.

  • The importance of secure data erasure


    Most of rewriteable storage equipments are based on polarization of a magnetic surface as a mean of data conservation. Traditional data delete do not guarantee complete blindness over this data. Only specific software treatment, if not physical disruption, will increase higher protection against undesired data disclosure.

  • Start enforcing your data security by using DWB process and services.